09 March 2011

La Liga: Pellegrini in Peril as Madrid march on

We’ve come to the end of a particularly hectic spell in La Liga, which culminated in a whopping 10 days of fixtures in the last 11. No less hectic were matters off the field, and two men have loomed larger than everyone else; Manuel Pellegrini and José Mourinho.


It’s a story that’s ebbed and flowed, with Mourinho apparently losing the plot prior to to the return of his Chilean predecessor to the Bernabéu in the face of some rather innoucuous questioning from a journalist during a press conference. “You’re a hypocrite!”, the Portuguese ventured having been pushed on his claims that the fixture compilers were out to get Real Madrid. The resumption of Marca’s vicious campaign against Pellegrini, and the Málaga técnico’s dignified public utterings, in the build-up cast him in a noble light. Erudite, humble, persecuted; how not to sympathise with this man?

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