10 December 2011

El Clásico Preview

Never before has a silence been so deafening. In the last 10 days José Mourinho has been in a self-enforced clásico media blackout. Lack of substance has never stopped the Spanish media wheel spinning, of course. But what we’ve seen spun this week has, largely, been a shit on a stick.

Mourinho Guardiola You could sense the editors of Marca and Mundo Deportivo shuffling in desperation through whatever material they could get their hand on. Shock horror! New Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, a Madridista, predicts Real will win 3-2! Not to outdone, the Catalan daily Sport delivered us the world exclusive that his Socialist predecessor, Zapatero – a Barça fan – reckoned the Champions would prevail.

 On Wednesday, the former Madrid stalwart, Guti- a man for whom the term ‘wardrobe malfunction’ must surely have been coined- popped up on the front page of AS looking like the offspring of some unholy union between Dennis Taylor and Martina Navratilova to proclaim a 3-1 victory for the meringue. It was all rather sombre, rather understated, rather… dull……...

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