29 November 2006

Your Feedback.

At the offices of The Eejitry Report, we appreciate your input in all shapes and forms. Even you spammers posting links to no strings-sex friend finders and Russian gambling sites which we keep deleting. Interactivity is everything in the Web2.0, you know. Just to show how much we do value your input, here's a recent message we received from an annonymous poster:

"what a fucking eejit. really. and i realise that you know this already, going from the blog title. ya big retard"

What can we say? Keep 'em coming folks.

This month, The Eejitry report has mostly been listening to Cansei De Ser Sexy, Almamegretta, The Rapture, âme, and copious amounts of Sir Henry's classics.

Update due as soon as we can be arsed.

Peace out!


fixer said...

keep on keeping on!

remember, sexteen is a girl's name.

Anonymous said...

hi, just read your post at timesonline re: the Barca-United game.

Absolutely spot-on analysis and full of really, really insightful comments. I agree with you 100%.
Loved it! Thanks. And sure, if we play the same way at OT, we will be be..well, I think the technical term is "fucked".


John Lewis | john.lewis@shiatsu.fi