28 May 2007

Inner City Cut Down in its Prime

The Report was shocked and saddened to hear this week of Inner City's untimely demise.

An incredible lack of foresight from Feddies.

The following press statement was issued by the Inner City crew just over a week ago:

The LAST Innercity; Friday May 25th
After more or less 3 years of running both BASS and Innercity we have decided to lay our weekly nights to rest for the foreseeable future. Our last night is on May 25th so please do come and say farewell at a special resident’s night.

We have all had a great laugh over the past few years; be it playing to thousands of people on Patrick’s Street, getting Derrick May to hold a lecture in Cork or just going to Innercity every Friday and watching 350 people turn up to see local DJ’s.

We want to say thanks most importantly to all our loyal regulars who have attended our nights religiously over the past few years. It is due to them that we got to hold all the weird and wonderful events.

Also thanks to all our sponsors, venues and supporters who have helped us to promote and bring some of the best names in electronic music to play in Cork.

You can see us this week at both Fast Eddies on Friday and Electric City in Dublin on Thursday and most importantly at our last Innercity on May 25th.

You can still of course catch us at the Bodytonic Tent @ the Electric Picnic in September where we will be sure to give everything a huge send off.

The Innercity Crew

Except, we didn't even get that in the end. Feddies pulled the plug on the final night, as the following posting informed us:

So I got an e-mail from club last night to say they will not be hosting Innercity this Friday @ Fast Eddies.

I don't actually know why they have decided upon this as I did not receive a reason.

So sorry but there will be no last hurrah for Innercity in Cork it seems.

So I guess that's it from Inner City for the time being at least. Sad to see Cork's most exciting and freshest club-night having the plug pulled on it, at a time when there were talks with Carl Craig, amongst others, to play in the coming months.

A sad day for music in Cork.

Hopefully the bass crew will get another night up and running before too long.

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